Friday, July 22

yea 12am already

yups its exactly 12am now and i wld really be glad to go and sleep right now. hehes. anyway dad fetched mii to sch today at erh 8 plus. meeting jh they all at 9am to do geog. i was a few minutes late i think. hehes. went to the library then started crapping. do maths and discuss. nothing much to elaborate jus that px is super niaoed. hahas. after a while we went to find ms pear then to canteen to makan and continue our discussion.

i went to the GO and finally got my IC. yayyyy. the photo looked funny. aww nvm. i am getting old. hehes. hmmm nth much happened today bahs. jus that super happy and kanna niaoed lorhs. ohya met jingles at the canteen. then hmmm jessalyn and huishan thot i learnt piano u noe!! hehehes. wow i didnt noe i look like someone who learnt piano. hehehes. but huishan said once i started talking then ppl noe i dun learn piano. booo. hehes. so do you think i look like one who learnt piano? flood my tagboard eh. its getting super duper stagnant and thats no no good (:

so well took bus 158 b home. saw that its terminating and aljunied mrt station then jus hopped onto it. another 3 seniors boarded the bus too. then the bus was practically empty. only the four of us an the bus driver. super scary. LOL

reached aljunied. didnt bother to press the doorbell. after all it IS terminating at the mrt station mahs. if the uncle can be so nice to fetch me to one stop after the station i wld be most grateful LOL dream on laa bel ;)

well btw went to parkway yesterday. then went mph to get my brother the book he reserved laa. saw harry potter and the half blood prince. whoot suddenly feel like buying and reading it. i am definitely adding that to my wishlist (:

after that went to the food court and ate grass jelly. then shopped around and went to harvey norman and got my ZEN NEEON~ =)

hmmm yuppp then went to giant lorh. yupppie

on the way to parkway was listening to fm radio 93.3 on my dad's car. then the dj was narrating this really sad and touching story. got to noe the prog was called music diary. i only heard part of the story and the ending. the story goes like this: (this is a super summarized version of the story kaes )

he endured from clinging on to the every hope he saw in the relationship to slowly giving up his love and determination and letting go. his health deteriorated as each day passed by. all he had left of their love was the fond memories she gave him. he held them dearly in his heart. now that she had left him, his life seemed meaningless. he lived on just for the sake of living. he had no goal in his life anymore. not at all since his love had left him.

his parents knew that their son couldnt hold on any longer and only wished for her to just see their son for the last time so that he could close his eyes in peace. they went to the girl's house and requested the girl's parents to grant their wish.

what her parents told them left them dumbfounded. 'our daughter just committed suicide a few days ago' oh. in fact the girl had quarrelled with her parents for breaking up him and her. her parents and her werent on good terms as they didnt approve of her relationship with him. they didnt allow her to go out with him. this was too much for the girl. she loved him. he was her everything. he was the reason for her existence in this world, just like she was the reason for his existence in this world. hence she committed suicide. leaving behind a letter and a xing yun cao (fortune grass??) for him. her parents passed the letter and xingyun cao to his parents.

after the guy read the letter, he passed away, holding the xingyuncao tightly in his hands. his parents then requested her parents to allow them both to be buried together, allowing their love to be everlasting and hopefully they can be together in their next lives or even their next next lives.

her parents agreed. and their burial ground was not covered with zao cao. but instead with xingyun cao.

right after the story, the dj played stef sun's wo yao de xingfu. the song matches the story's ending perfectly and flawlessly. awww

the story narrated above is not EXACTLY the story i heard on the radio yesterday. this is the most i can remember. some parts of the story were modified and edited with my own creativity. hehes. yups anyway the story plot is abt the same. but the narration heard over the radio was just so beautiful. yeps.


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