Sunday, July 24

dhs open hse

alright the previous post is about friday. now saturday which is officially dhs open house...

went to school at 830am. then went to classroom to take e maths textbook. went back to art club and drew templates out from picture books. then did metal embroidery. parents and children started coming in and we asked the children if they wld like to try the metal embroidery.

from 10am to around 11 like that was the slackest period as there was a talk in the audi so most of the parents wld be there. after that was the peak period. super busy. students and parents kept coming in. hahas. busied ourselves with teaching the children the metal embroidery.

got niaoed by jiamin and jh that no one chose the template i drew. boo after a while i realised that the doggie was drawn by mii and many ppl chose that lorhs. except that the metal embroidery of the doggie i drew was done by jh. kaes lorh i am slow. haha

then really super busy. also introduced the activities of art club to some parents. they definitely seemed interested. whoa wad can i say. ART CLUB JUST RAWKS!

anyway after that it was 1 plus. so jh, jiamin and mii went to the room and makan our lunch. yups ohya jh and jiamin were meanies! they dun wan teach mii how to fold hearts and fishes with straws. hahahas

after makaning we went to the hall. the afternoon shift ppl already here. so yup then went to search for the cip reflections which jiamin and i did. finally found it. jiamin's reflections was only abt 1 page. mine was 3 pages. ohya. there was jiamin's photo taken at the cip tutoring session in konghwa. then i didnt realise that my photo was on the board too. =.=

the photo of me was taken on the bus during orchard road tour last year. i was wearing a santa hat, holding the mike and the lyrics booklet. OMG. erhem! to jinghui who took the photo. nicholas' reflection on the bio attachment was up on the board too. then jiamin went home. jh and i went to see the ppt we did on the germany trip. whoa super nice. credits to darren laa. hahas pro kia.

then ms tan saw mii and started talking to mii. hahas she kept telling mii how touched she was after reading my reflection (: community service jus rawks. interest, passion, commitment, service! to care, to serve, to lead.

then we looked after the geog integrated booth. kinda slacked at first, before ms pear came. then she kept calling miii and asked mii to work. hahas. kaes lorh. then introduced the booth and germany trip to parents and children. quite fun bahs. hehes. they seemed super interested in the germany trip. hehehehs.

there was one point of time when jh did sth to the ppt and we dunno how to fix it. went to look for darren for help. the laptop only obeyed darren laa.

we oso saw roy's grp LA film at the LA booth. quite good laa. abt war cos their grp is an all boys grp. but i think the choice of song for the film was wrong. they chose jay's ge qian if i didnt rmb wrongly. but i think jay's zui hou de zhan yi wld suit better hehehes. personal opinion laa.

saw peiyu's grp chi mv. and OMG IT RAWKS!! peiyu looked super cute in the mv. and the mv was really well done. EXCELLENT (: liang wen fu's song was used and really the mv is SUPER NICEEEE. sorry to say but our mv seemed kinda inferior compared to theirs. sigh. animation can never be as good as real filming right?

at around 430 we started packing up. took the posters down and shut down the laptop. then ms pear started telling us where to return the things at the booth. jm oso helped. pear told jm to carry the flower pot back to dunno where laa. then yl, jh and i were amused at the way he managed to balance it with one hand. hahas. then we went to the staff room and to the office. then mrs har saw us and told the physics rep which is jh to go back to the hall to find a tag-holder for her. went to the hall. then to the staff room and finally back to the office. wow. running errands for the teachers.

yups then took bus home with yl. hmmm busy day. but enjoyed myself as well.

didnt noe mrs koh has two daughters. but jh knew. kaes i am slow once again. shucks today's sunday and i still have hw not completed. there are two tests - chi and maths next week. and gosh. MATHS?!! and CHINESE?!! definitely not my best subjects this year but wad can i do. JIA YOU BAHHS...

listening to my darling zen now. my dad jus gave mii a FM radio. hehes. going to listen to the physics lessons soon bahs. still have 1 and a half lesson to go. then next is maths online lesson. omg. there is chinese essay not done yet too. not forgetting the geog notes omg.

now that i have got my zen. i dun really see the need to ask for more. zhi zu chang le. learn to be contented and you will lead a happier life. i am not gonna ask for more. i just hope everything stays the same and that includes you! (:


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