Sunday, July 24

hopefully this entry dun go missing argh

listening to fm 1003 now. jus now got huangyida's na nv hai dui wo shou. heard it 3 times over the radio liaos. wow. but its a nice song. gigi's shun shi zhen oso quite popular nowadays.

well i am finally back in the right mood to blog. actually i posted an entry the day before yesterday. i wrote like super long then that entry jus went *poof then its gone. so super pissed off lorhs. let see if i can remember the details kaes (:

hmmm friday. erm yiling, juehui and i supposed to meet in school at 11am to help ms pear with the open house preparations. reached school on the dot at 11am. waited for yl at the foyer. but we dun see jh anywhere. so we went to the hall to look for miss pear first. didnt see her too. saw darren and cs ppl. and darren greeted mii with a 'eh an**bell...' =.- then called jh's hse. was told that she might be in the canteen having her breakfast so we went to the canteen. but jh dun look like those who will have her meals alone de. then went to foyer again. finally saw her running towards us. hahas. then went to the canteen to have early lunch. then was told to go to the hall at 12pm to help with the preparations.

yups then we went to the hall after having our lunch. helped with the pasting of the posters on the panels. then realised not enough tags. so mrs chin told mii and jh to follow a teacher called ms ng issit?? to the staff room to work on them. then as we were typing and using the computer, a few teachers came over to ask to use the computer to print their dhp stuff. i guess mii and jh worked at a rather low-efficiency rate. sorrie...

finally got everything printed then returned to the hall. saw the group photo taken in germany. it was printed out and laminated. but the faces were kinda like distorted. only kenny appeared to be most normal looking bahs.

there was another photo of me, dawn and charmaine standing next to the phone booth, holding hot chocolate and wearing really thick clothings in london. wow that photo even more pro cann. it was squashed and flattened till all of us looked fat. kaes fine. i looked the fattest >.<

after helping with the preparations, yl went for co while mii and jh went for art club. they already started working on their sculptures. then mii and jh attempted to join chip's grp cos we had no inspirations on wad sculptures to make.

but the teacher dun allow. i mean the external trainer. then we jus sat there crapping and playing with the clay. then went for break. after that continued working aimlessly with our clay. then chip had to leave for sth which i cant rmb now. then charmaine was working alone with the shaping of the wires. as u noe, she is a little princess who erm has no strength. hahas. so mii and jh went to help her and so indirectly we joined her grp laa.

halfway thru, we learnt metal embroidery from mrs koh. its a hands-on for the p6 students coming for dhs open house. after that we collected our batik painting then started cleaning up. ohya. charmaine, jh and i realised that i am a pro at cutting wires. hahas wheee girl powerrr!

after art club took bus home cos my dad had sth on. saw px, yanyu and their cs friend on the bus. then chatted with them. px niaoed miii booo. hahas. reached my stop and alighted. then walked home. yuppps. then came online and chatted i think.

ah busy day. but i enjoyed myself. hehes. art club jus rawks my world...


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