Wednesday, July 20

e learning's driving mii crazy

ahhh e learning is driving mii crazy. my keyboard is currently back on my pc table. it was on my study table just now cos i put my biology worksheets on my pc table. and sad to know that my pc table is lower than my height so i had to slouch. and gosh thats definitely a no no for my spine. ouch. slouching jus sark.

e learning is terrible. i cant concentration and i cant get anything into my head. i dun usually tie my hair up into a bun but my hair is currently tied up into a bun. argh. so you should noe how crazy i am now. i dun have my bio textbook with mii and thats argh!!! fortunately i will be going to sch tmr for geog project task discussion and hopefully my bio textbook will be sitting comfortably beside mii soon...

ahhh grrrr argh. e learning. crapppp


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