Sunday, July 24

finally finished physics lesson

yay finally finished the physics online lesson. the last lesson on freefall was not well taught. cant really understand. jh cant understand too. wanted to start doing the physics worksheet but i see those questions i dun feel like doing liaos. i noe i shouldnt and cant afford to give up right now. but jus gimme a few minutes to relax. listening to she- lian ren wei man now.

i seriously think i need a QUIETER PLACE for studying. a place far far away from irritating younger brother who pokes his nose into everything and from those dumbo birdies which jus cant shut up and chirp from morning till night - NONSTOP =.-

yea i am feeling ap now. cant help it. i noe its mean to say that of my brother but he does get on my nerves sometimes if not everytime then >.<

gosh i jus realised there are 9 lessons on twelfth night posted by mr ken. ahhhh. the first lesson is around 3 minutes. sigh guess i have to listen to the lessons later and maybe copy down some notes in my notebook. arghhh jus printed out the maths online lesson worksheets again. apparently someone karped it yesterday >.< LOL

anyway i desperately want to watch movies but i can continue dreaming bahs. my grp's LA filming is gonna be gonecase. i shall try to change the story plot to abt friendship bahs. wish mii luck. i will change it when i have the time. romance is jus so hard to act. alright maybe its not the acting part. its the finding of the actors to act. ohwell. sadd laa.

hopefully geog's skit dun flop. we will be rehearsing tmr and the script's not out. sorry to my geog grp members who will read this. i am feeling rather negative abt everything right now. sorry abt that. mood swing well u noe.

theres cip at konghwa tmr. hopefully i dun get ap with the juniors. theres chem tuition after that. hopefully i will be able to concentrate on wad mr lee will be teaching tmr.

it really doesnt feel too good being ap.

HOPEFULLY i can complete all the homework asap. wish mii good luck.

and i had a weird dream yesterday. yes totally WEIRD. ohwell.


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