Monday, October 9


WHEE. Pillar Of Hope has been shortlisted by YMCA. YAY YAY YAY =D We have to prepare a presentation for this saturday morning. Whoa saturday's gonna be a busy day. There's gala dinner at night and according to colin I am involved in ushering and some goh stuff which I have no idea what is it. I shall go ask somebody later.

Today's a really happy day! Ok not exactly cos I was rather sleepy. Lessons back to normal. Ah I was trying real hard to keep awake during Maths. Triple periods leh. Grr. But the funny thing is I didnt take a nap just now after I returned home. Cos I got too carried away reading my current romance novel, Do Re Mi Fa So, given to me by my Nanjing godsis. It's so touching can. There was this part which I nearly cried. NEARLY. But I didnt cos my brother was blasting the tv really loudly and ruined the atmosphere.

Hm Mr Chia showed us some of the photos he took... and there is this particular photo that sent us into fits of laughter. It's a photo of his fiancee. Haha really cute photo. And he looked kinda shy.

My ankle's pretty swollen and I know that I have been wailing about it for a pretty long time and I am finally gonna do something with it today. My mom's bringing me to some physician later. No, not that one I went to when I sprained my wrists. It was a way too horrifying experience and there's no way I am stepping into that place again. For your info, I came out of the clinic looking like a kickboxer because both my hands and wrists were bandaged. wahaha.

There's other reasons why I am finally getting my ankle treated. I have to do ushering on Sat and I am not sure if I have to wear court shoes or not BUT one thing for sure, I have to do alot of walking. The other thing is I want to learn yoga. And I think I shouldn't over-exert my ankle until it is all well. AND the MOST important reason of all, with this swollen ankle, my mom is gonna ban me from all sort of physical activities and that indirectly means I cannot exercise to lose weight. Ah that's real bad. I don't want to look like a godzilla in my jc uniform. No no no. That's gonna be a nightmare.

Yep yep. I realised that there is homework today. So I came online now and not later at night. I dont want to stay up later anymore. I dont want to look like a panda and worse still, fall asleep during lessons.

And I am determined to start volunteering again. Yea volunteer! I found some good cip lobang last night so yep (: I have been isolated from this passion of mine for way too long.

There's a year5 camp for us pioneer batch. I dunno what is it about. I doubt anyone knows but well sigh. There's also a compulsory SC in-house camp in Nov and my class CIP is on one of the days. Eh I dunno if I need to go for that... since I don't intend to stay in SC for year5 and 6. Actually I am still in a dilemma. But I feel like trying new stuff. I mean it's an honour and all to serve the school. But perhaps in other ways? I don't know. But I will definitely do my best in ushering during gala dinner. Who knows. It might be my last chance to serve as a student councillor. woohoo. Indecisive. Bad bad bad.

Today's assembly was a special one for DHP students. Hmm it's only human to err but what's more important is that you learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It's also a virtue to forgive and forget =D

alright that's about it. I better go record down the programmes I have in my cute Monokuro Boo's notebook. And get started on my homework.

Variety is the spice of life... You spice up my life magically too whee~


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