Sunday, September 3

Parent-child Day

Like what I have promised last night, I will blog about yesterday's parent-child day and SC Handover Ceremony asap. And here I am. Waha. I just browsed through all the blog entries in my blog and I realised how wordy it is. Aw. Otherwise it's just plain quiz-based. I can fill a whole post with quizes... That's like so B-O-R-I-N-G. Other than 3 entries with pictures from Germany, pictures of doggies and pictures of rainbows, the rest are all words, words and MORE words. I am so sorry about that. From today onwards, my blog shall have more pictures! I like picture-based blogs =D

Well parent-child day. We had a talk in the hall by Mr Kiw on Filial Piety. We were shown this film about Emperor Penguins, featuring the hardships they had to go through in order to ensure the survival of their baby penguin. It was really touching at some parts and I almost cried. It's really touching to see the extent the parent penguins went to in order to protect their young. And the baby penguins are SO CUTE!

After that we went to the library and waited for the arrival of our parents. The conference was so-so laa. I kept asking my mom to question me about my portfolio but apparently she seemed very satisfied with what she was reading so yep (:

Here's a glimpse of my portfolio.

Mr Biollo was there to take photos. He took one for me and my mom when we were heading out of the library to go to the auditorium for the nanjing briefing. My mom said he is a nice guy!

The nanjing briefing was a bit too brief haha. We knew all that was said at the briefing already. Then it was funny seeing how every parent would whisper something to their child's ear after every point Mr Ang mentioned. My mom was one good example. She started reminding me about all kinds of things she can think of. Hello? I am still safely in Singapore ><

I have to go. Sheesh I didnt manage to type the dedications. Cos I needa go meet my uncle. auntie and cousins now. I havent seen my cousins for ages! I will blog about SC handover the next time I come online. I have more nice and hilarious photos to post! Cya.


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