Tuesday, September 5


So many things are slipping off my mind... and yet I was out the whole of today happily enjoying myself. SHEESH.

I just msged Chip for some p.o.h design matters. Ah. I am such a sotong!

And I have been a really slacky leader for the Nanjing item. No rehearsal yet. Oh no. LA film. I need to discuss the reflection with YQ. What else do I have on my list but I have clean forgotten about it?

I think there's nothing else. Phew. There's p.o.h meeting tomorrow in the noon. Guess I will be waking up in time for brunch...

Oh man. My heart suddenly hurts. I have no idea why. There is this tinge of xin suan. Wheredahell did it come from. I feel sad, I feel miserable but hey. there's no reason for me to feel like that~ My eoy exams are over. I am free. I am enjoying my hols. But... uh I have no idea. I dont want to think about it laa. I am coping well. I need no addition into my life. yep yep. Listening to SHE's chu dian on fm933.

Ohya I found out that that song I've been listening to is Tank's wo men xiao shi hou. I love that song as much as I love yuheng's you ni duo hao. Both songs remind me of him. The him I dont want to remember but everywhere and everything reminds me of him.

Well well. Let bygones be bygones. We have all matured and grown into young adults. He has his life. I have my life. Some things are not meant to be la.

And yay I love mandopop. Was telling Serene in my letter reply to her that I love fm933 and 883 because they give endless supply of mandopop tunes to satisfy my craving. Heard that Jay will be releasing his new album on 8 Sep, the title of his album is something like fantasy again or sth...

ARGH. I cant sit around doing nothing. I will start thinking too much. CRAP. Actually I have alot of things to do. Just that I dont feel like doing.

This post is like a roller-coaster of mixed emotions. I feel xin fan. I feel sad. I feel everything that does not spell 'g-o-o-d'. Alright I am going to sleep. Just hope that I dont whip up some funny dreams.

Why must we grow up? Why can't some things stay the same? Why can't time just stop for goodness' sake?!


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