Friday, November 17

YL's Bday Celebration

Returned home from chalet today. Took bus 12 with Hong Yi and Eileen but I was the last to alight at Bugis then took bus 80 back home. I was on the verge of falling asleep on the bus cos the bus journey was simply too long and intolerable.

Watched 1 episode of Goong before going to City Hall to meet the girls. And we threw an early birthday party there for our dearest beloved Yi Ling. waha and we were lucky enough to hear an announcement regarding some evacuation then we evacuated to Starbucks at Suntec waha. Bought an ice blended toffeenut latte... Regular. I always get the regular serving which is like so expensive. There were lotsa phototaking at Starbucks and yea I will post photos up here soon.

There's graduation ceremony tomorrow at dhs campus. And hafta meet the guys for POH Mtg at ymca in the evening to prepare for our booth at the prize giving ceremony next saturday. Waha Fish Leong's concert's next saturday too...

Just checked out fm933 website. Found out that there's this DeeJay camp in december but I cant go! Cos I have this Youth Volunteer Involvement Prog training camp organized by Student Volunteer Corps. Hmm another time perhaps. One thing at a time. Greed is no good =p

Read up about 'Rising Signs'. Interesting... check it out.

think it's pretty true. yea ohya do tune in to fm933 tomorrow night from 9pm to around 10pm for a song dedication from me to my friends (: I may have left out some names though cos I was in a rush to send the letter so that it can be read out in time. yep. I seriously think I need to whip up a list of resolutions for myself. And it's time I go on a diet. hee.

if not now, when?


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