Tuesday, November 21

Busy Days

grr argh grr. I am so irritated. Samsung is going to produce a series of SGH-E900 in stylish, smart, COLOURED casing leh. omg. I dont deny that my phone is nice in classy black but well, I like colourful thingy. how irritating.

took a bunch of p6 kiddos including my brother to Escape yesterday. I didnt intend to enter the theme park but somehow I got pyscho-ed into entering. And whoa it was a whole day of fun, joy and laughter. Not to mention the scorching hot sun plus the long waiting hours for each ride. I had to go off half way to SVC office at Highland Road. I had a tough time finding the place. Thankfully, there was this friendly clerk in the office who gave me directions and even called to find out if I was still lost. waha.

Then I rushed back to Pasir Ris and had dinner with my brother at Cavana and then 5 of us proceeded to Bugis for some neoprints-taking. It was fun, seriously. I feel so young all over again, after interacting with these juniors. Especially the only other girl besides me. Waha Crystal. Pretty and kawaii. Really like her very much. Yep fellow gemini. How I wish I could have a younger sister like her.

Alright and today, went to volunteer my service at this child care centre in hougang. I actually missed the stop to the centre and had to backtrack a really long way back. Seriously, what's wrong with my sense of direction and alertness these days. And I had a hard time finding Yun Yin and she had a tough time finding me too. lol

But we still managed to find each other in the end. Interacting with the primary school children at the centre was fun too. And some of them are just so adorable. Once they get to know you, they will start calling you 'jie jie' affectionately. how sweet. Yea i felt so loved.

My love for children has rekindled. Not that I detest them. But I like them even more now and look forward to working with more children in the future. I am also looking forward to more outings with my brother and his classmates, though I may be kinda extra but well I'm loving it =p

Anyway the funny thing that happened today was that there was this p5 boy at the centre who found me familiar-looking the first second he saw me. Cos I was walking around and looking at what they were playing/doing. Then after a while, I found him familiar too. Then he started telling me when he met me and all. But I cant remember at all when I met him. I've almost used up all my brain juices and exhausted my brain jus by trying to recall when and where did I meet this boy. Seriously he looked way too familiar.

I didnt go for my yoga class today. The spring cleaning made me all giddy and I suffered from this on-and-off- headache. Felt so refreshed after my bath. Yea and I am gonna get my laptop back tomorrow. whee how exciting.

It rocks, leading such a fulfilling life with so many adorable children around you.


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