Tuesday, November 14

Ms and Mr Teen Environment 2006

Congrats. Congrats. Congrats to Xue Ling and Zi Ren. wheee. Ms And Mr Teen Environment! Wahaha next time CSC has any functions, can invite them to be ambassadors (:

The rehearsal yesterday was no doubt tiring. Today was better but still as tiring due to the long hours. But thankfully there's catered food, though it did not taste very good. Yea so yep.

Tomorrow's 4J class chalet. Finally~! Went to Sheng Siong beside Lion City Hotel with Huang Lin, Jess, Kenny and YQ to get cheap food stuff for tomorrow's night bbq. Then cos we need to get eggs to make sandwiches, I called my dad to fetch me home and most of the frozen food stuff were sent back in my dad's car.

Yea I've finished packing my 'luggage' for tomorrow. Still undecided if I should bring my sleeping bag and piglet. hee. Twin and yq will be coming over to make sandwiches before my dad brings us to the chalet to check in. Ah gonna trouble my parents again.

ohya they finally sent my laptop for servicing WHEE. yay yay yay. despite my excitement for the arrival of class chalet, i still feel quite sian. after class chalet will be graduation day then 2D04 chalet... then more volunteering stuff plus yoga and maybe even dance classes muhahaha.

tell you what, this is the most busy-until-happy and fulfilling holidays I have ever had in my whole 16-year life. And I look forward to 2007... July, my godsis will be coming from Nanjing. Ah ha. this is called far-sightedness =D

i'm loving it.


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