Wednesday, November 15

Class Chalet

woohoo. Woke up early and indulge in the sugar crackers for my breakfast. Then something happened, my house's metal door is spoilt! oh no. but it still can be locked, fortunately. Otherwise it would be too dangerous for my grandmother and brother to be at home.

Shu Min and Ying Qing should be reaching soon for sandwich making. And I just received a call from my cousin regarding this job that he found for me. It's not a part time job, more of a full time for the whole of December holidays. Actually my december holidays are packed with volunteering activities. But the job is pretty slack and the pay's attractive lol. when did i become so money minded. anyway yea have to give him an answer really soon. Cos according to him, it's a very hot job, a lot of people want it. yep yep.

i shall consider bah. And decide asap. More volunteering experience or working experience plus money?

just 16 with so much worries. but apparently these worries are brought upon by myself =p


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