Saturday, July 30

in a blogging mood

hmm just completed the bio concept map. Forgot to bring my biology textbook and twelfth night home. just agar agar do the concept map lorhs theres a list of words given anyway. tikam laa. just wrote out the question for chinese essay onto the chi foolscap.

hm later going to popular and used the 15% discount voucher which would be expiring tmr. hmm maybe gonna buy somemore colour pens. feel like writing postcards/letters now but i have already replied jasmin and yuenyin's letters but no time to post them yet. py havent given mii her postcard. hm no one to reply to.

just got bitten by mosquitoes twice. argh. i am in a MUCH better mood now (:

my study table is in a terrible mess now. no one sms me now. nowadays there dun seem to be much ppl smsing mii. unless for enquiries on homework or projects. sadness laa. the sms i received this morning really spoils my mood. argh.

i just realised that i really love winnie the pooh and friends hahahas. i have a pooh coin purse. a piglet towel-like bag, a winnie the pooh mug. a huge winnie the pooh sticker in front of the dinning table. some winnie the pooh puzzles. 4 pooh plushies, 1 tigger, 2 piglet. lotsa pooh's stickers and i wan more pooh stuffs!! hehes. wheee. ohya i got a pooh glass. charmaine gave it to mii on valentine day. she gave mii this pooh in a pink monkey costume for my bday last year with marianne, clara and some others. yups. niceee. i still havent open the plastic wrapping lehs. hahas.

then other the other pooh and friends plushie were from timezone in causeway point. my dad played the machine thingy and caught them. heeeees. niceeee (:


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