Friday, July 29

LA film oh no.

i am typing out the story plot for LA for the THIRD time. yes THIRD. why? cos first one was the love story. but we couldnt have any kind soul to act as the guy. the second one was on friendship. but its boring and wouldnt engage the audience. too typical you see.

and now the third one. its super duper typical mii cos its abt bball bringing a guy and a girl together. ohwells. but i am not acting. hehes.

hmmm today is friday and I LOVE FRIDAYS!!

first period was pe. chionged down to the canteen toilet to change into pe tee. then went to hall. erh no one was there. thot they wld be playing badminton. but nope i was wrong. they were at the volleyball court. played vball lorhs. kept hitting the ball the wrong way and i think i chased after the ball more than i hit the ball. argh. but i think vball's niceeee.

hm after pe went for LA at avt. continued watching twelfth night. super nicee kaes (: i love the film!!! aww it has such a happy ending if not for malvolio turning up all dirty and angry. booo for him laa.

after LA went to bsp room. forgot to bring my csp exercise book today. sigh. forgetful mii. forgot to check time table last night.

after that went back to cls to do erh geog. after recess was geog. ms pear asked hy, px and mii to go up to the board to draw the pyramids. mine was on immigration laws being relaxed. then i went up to the board again and again to change my drawing. argh. hahas super fed up. then ms pear asked mii to explain. i think i crapped leh. hahas.

yups. went for lunch with cecilia, jh and shiling. was late for art club. continued making the sculpture. ohya before that went to bookshop to buy pooh tissue paper. veh cute hehes. then cecilia did sculpture with june and vivian. then i started bending and cutting wires. chip and charmaine kept saying i got alot of strength. hahas magic. then commented that i have muscles. OH NO!.

sculpture making was fun with lotsa crapping and niaoing. went for break. then went back to clean up. waited at the foyer for py. taking bus home with her. yayys.

waited till around 530 then co dismissed. py was apologetic for making mii wait so long. hahas. its ohkae (: ohyea. u forgot to gimme ur postcard again!! hehes.

chatted on the bus. yayy. was kinda worried for my LA story plot on the way home. but ohwells. at least the story plot is half out now and jingles said that its ohkaes. so well.

gotta get back to writing the plot then the script - most IMPT. mdm nora havent reply when i can get the camera from her. wish mii, or rather my grp, luck (lotsa it) for LA filming.


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