Friday, July 29


argh. sickening. heartless. unkind. stoooopppiiiiddddd. bodohhh. baka. idiotic. WDHHHH.

i am super fed up now and on the verge of crying. things are getting sarky. and i conclude that a place with devils and no angels is just equivalent to hell. and some people just make earth seems like hell by not extending their helping hand when help is urgently needed.

superficial. ridiculous. sickening. illusion-giver. act cool = arsehole

i am currently in a really ridiculous mood. and listening to my mp3 player doesnt really help. maybe crying will make me feel better ohwells.

i dun wan to cry. i dun wan to cry for something not worth it. kaes fine. its worth it. its studies. but i dun wan to cry becos some ppl make it not worthy. i dun wan to cry. i really dun wish to let one tear drop for no valid reasons. no tears shall drop. i will be strong. dun be a crybaby. so DONT CRY.

who noe. i might cry to myself at night or worse i might cry in my slp. or maybe this is all a dream. i will wake up tomorrow into a world filled with angels. too romanticised. i think and dream too much. i really did. too idealized. its time to WAKE UP FOR GOOD.

how come i am starting to breathe so hard. asthma attack? not possible. maybe i will just stop breathing. this world is making mii breathless. it really is. or maybe its air pollution. WHATEVER. WHY NOT JUST LET MII STOP BREATHING.

well maybe watching tonghua mv now will just make mii cry my heart out. that would be wonderful. at least i dun have to keep my feelings inside mii. just let me cry my heart out. let my heart live and let me be dead and rescued from all these sufferings on earth. PLEASE.

why am i so angry. well you would noe better NOT to ask mii cos i am really in a terrible mood now. so if you dun wan mii to snap at you, pls leave me alone. keep away from me. yes. i will appreciate. it. but if you dun believe me, well TRY ME. DONT REGRET.


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