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Mum's love

Mum's love

One night, Sue had a quarrel with her mum, and without bringing anything with her, she ran out of the house. While she was walking on the street, she realised she had no money with her- not a single cent! As she continued walking, she felt a little hungry and cold. Then she came across a noodle stall. The steaming hot noodles smelt so good that Sue wished, at that moment, she could have a bowl of noodle. Sue was standing in front of the noodle stall for quite a long time when the boss of the noodle stall walked over and asked her, "Hey Miss, do you want a bowl of noodles?" Sue shook her head shyly and replied, "I don't have any money." "It's alright, I'll give you a treat," offered the owner. The owner had Sue seated as he cooked the noodles. He then served her a fragrant smelling bowl of noodles with a plate of vegetables. Sue ate a few mouthfuls and she started to tear.

"What happened, Miss?" the puzzled owner queried. "Nothing, I am just touched!" Sue continued while drying her tears, "Even a stranger I met on the street would offer to cook a bowl of noodles for me. But... my own mother... she chased me out of the house after a quarrel and told me not to go back again. How could you- a complete stranger - show me such care and concern while my own mother... she didn't care about me at all!"

On hearing these words, the owner replied with a sigh, "Miss, think of it this way. You are touched just because I cooked you a bowl of noodles. However, not only are you not grateful to your mother who has been cooking noodles and rice for you all these years, you even quarreled with her!"

Sue was stunned upon hearing this, "Why didn't I think of that? I am so grateful over a bowl of noodles by a stranger. Yet to my own mother, who has been cooking for me all these years, I showed not the least concern. I even quarreled with her over a trivial matter. Sue finished her noodle swiftly, thanked the owner and marched towards the direction of home. As she was walking, she thought over how she should apologize to her mother. Before she could say "Mum, I'm sorry, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me," she saw her tired and anxious looking mother, searching frantically for her. When she spotted Sue, she held Sue's hand and led Sue into the house, before Sue could say anything. " I have prepared a bowl of noodles for you, come in and eat it before the noodles turn cold," said her mother. Sue could not hold her tears back anymore. She started to weep in front of her mother.

At times, we may be very grateful to the people around us for the little gestures they show us. Yet to our close ones, especially our parents, we often forget their love and fail to treasure the selfless sacrifices they had made for us. While we may never be able to repay this valuable gift nor be required to do so, we should never take it for granted.

Do you realise that we are always so nice and polite to the strangers around us yet so rude and crude to our loved ones? Like you thank the stranger whom you asked for directions. You said sorry when you bump into someone. But wheres all the manner to your loved ones. Never take people for granted. No matter how willing they are to give all for you, NEVER take them for granted. Don't wait till its too late. Our loved ones might not be able to accompany us throughout our life journey, till the day when our hearts stop beating and the moment we close our eyes. So... appreciate, cherish, treasure and you will not regret or feel remorseful.

This applies to friends as well. Take the 'Leaf Tree Wind' story for example.
" Tree felt that if she were my girl, she'd be mine ultimately and I didn't have to give up everything for her. The last reason, made her accompanying me for 3 years. She watched me chase other girls, and I have made her heart cry for 3 years. She was good actor... and me a demanding director."

What a selfish guy. taking Leaf for granted and thinking that she would always be there for him. No matter how willing and much Leaf hoped to sacrifice for Tree, she would definitely feel disappointed that she was not appreciated at all. All her efforts seemed to be in vain. She waited and waited but all Tree did was have one girlfriend afte another, not acknowledging her presence at all.

Leaf knew very well that she liked Tree and that Tree liked her. But all she needed was just some assurance for her doubtful heart. And this dilemma accompanied her for 3 years. Its only when she could finally accept Wind then did she break free from all the suffering she had endured.

And for Tree, everything's too late and all's gone. He broke down and his heart aches like nobody's business. But just how many times have he seen her cry for the man who did not acknowledge her presence?

Leaf's departure is because of Wind's pursuit or Because Tree didn't ask her to stay. Think about it.


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