Thursday, July 28

ahhh chi test

there was supposed to be maths test today. first period. but not enough time so helmi postponed to monday. PHEW. havent really finished studying. and i am SO glad that i didnt wake up at 4am this morning to pia.

yesterday night watched channel 8 7pm show till 8pm. 8 pm borrowed my mom's hp radio to listen to music diary. well my zen neeon reception to fm 933 is lousyyyy laa.

then listened till 830pm. the story last night was boring laa. its sth like this boy and this girl met each other then erh they knew they were right for each other but they thot that since they are fated to meet they will definitely meet again one day. so they decided to depart and then if they happened to meet again and they still thought that they are suitable for each other they wld then get married.

then one day they walked past each other. cha shen er guo. and didnt see each other. then soon they disappeared into the crowd. ohwells. after that stef's yujian was played. didnt really pay attention to the story laa. after listening to the radio i realised i cant tahan le. too tired. so i rested my head on my study desk and slept. yes i jus slept in this posture. OMG. i seldom or rather never really sleep on a table before so yesterday i must have been very very tired. was supposed to wake myself up at 9pm but i woke up at 930pm. but i should be glad already that i didnt wake up at 630 am! LOL

then started revising maths. revised revised revised. then yy called mii then continued revising till i think 2am then slept. set my hp alarm to 4pm. wanted to continue studying. so i held my hp in my hand as i slept cos vibration mahs. then dun wan wake my grandma up oso. sigh then at dunno wad time, i realised my hp not in my hands so i woke up and tried to find it. it was on the floor. awww my poor phone. i found it upon spotting this blue flash of light. LOL then continued sleeping till 630am when my mom woke mii up. cos i switched off the alarm for 4am wahahahs.

went to school and pia lorhs. sigh. then in the end no maths test. wheeee. a combination of happiness, relief and disappointment laa.

hmm after maths was geog. copied notes lorhs. yups then ms pear called mii to answer question again!! ahhh then i read wad i wrote... ohwells. and ms pear called px 'jh' bwahhaas. gave us a fright lo. boooo

after geog was chem. no prac. did chemical calculation. niceeeee. mr lee taught before. whee

then recess. pia chinese. argh.

after recess's LA. watched twelfth night film. tried to revise chinese in the dark but i cant even see my own hand =.-

then tada. chinese test. we had a combined test with 3k in the LT. super uncomfortable kaes. hafta slouch then my pencil case kept slipping off the pathetically small table =.-

after school took bus home with peiyu. talked non stop wid her. hehehes. then told her the outline of liang zhu's film. i think i am a lousyyyy narrator. sorrie py, for making ur ears suffer. hehees.

yups then sth terrrible happened. walked home from mrt station. then to my corridor and then my grandma's not in. tried to search for my keys in my bag. but i cant find!! ahhhh i am locked out of my hse. called my mom. then she said she rushing home with my dad. and i waited about 1 hour outside my own house =.= then i did some hw and stuff. since when am i sooooo hardworking LOL

then my grandma finally came home!! wheee. argh. i shall never forget to bring my house keys again. but yesterday pia maths until blur mahs then left the keys on my table.

jus now after chi test oso blur blur. somemore terrible headache. cos the test was argh. super hard and not enough time =(

gonna download somemore nice songs into my zen.

yesterday jls showed us py's grp mv and tonghua mv after jess's grp did their presentation. then i went crazy. started telling jingles 'eh tonghua leh tonghua leh' (:

yesterday watch le not sad. hahas. cos so many ppl watching together. then yesterday quite happy oso. yups so no tears. only laughters.

but the mv still touched my heart (:


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