Wednesday, October 20


yoohoo... today is wednesday!

tmr finally got sch yayy! if not i am gonna die of boredom at home... sigh my brother's end of the year exams coming then cant go out... siann man.

Stay at home watch mvp valentine until siann lehh

anyone wanna go out and watch movies??

I wanna watch white chicks.. budden dunno still got anot worr.. then princess diaries 2 coming out on nov 4.

hmmm this morning woke up then ate breakfast then here i am.


nth to do lehh

i just went to print out the calories counting thing.. heyya i am keen on losing a few pounds this coming hols okie...

And i am going to get really really tanned mann...though i have no idea how la.

These three days got intercls bud i never go... so i dun see how i can get tanned unless i go to the beach every day la.

I have been trying to eat as little as i can kks...

hmmm tmr getting back exams paper har?

die le lo... =(


anyway i have been watching mvp v. for the past two days and i think gaoxing is so sehh lo...

yeah man he is just so sehh

the way he talked is so sehh and cool u noe wheeeeeeeeee gaoxing rawks...

jay rawks too... do you know that he is really xiao shun.

he acted with his grandmother in the mv of his new song 'grandma'

sehhh bo woooohooo way to go jie lun!! haha

he is so nice to his granny and mother...

i just went to check out some past mtv shows... animated ones la...

these ones very nice :

- this one last time i intro before... its the an jing song by jay chou...then i think the story veh touching..

-this one is abt a bballer and his stead bahh... then the bballer's voice veh nice you noe..sehh sehh de. then he sang a song. then after the mv got a poem... quite nice though some of the characters i dunno how to read =)

and recently i started reading fanfics again.. wootz haha

this one quite nice

it is not by me okie... although its pinkk_ish la haha

yep check it out worrr

if you all noe any gd fanfics can tag and tell me kks? =)


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